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Fighting The Porn Drug with Clay Olsen: Taco Stop #12

Episode Summary

Clay Olsen, founder of a non-profit, joins Scott for tacos at El Mexiquense in Lehi, UT while they discuss secrets of customer experience at his organization Fight the New Drug.

Episode Notes

I met up with Clay Olsen on Taco Tuesday at El Mexiquense in Lehi, UT. He is a man on a powerful, and challenging, mission to convince the world that porn kills love and fighting pornography is cool. As the As the CEO of Impact Suite and Founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, Fight the New Drug, he is the fighter in chief on the battle to empower everyone against the dangers and harmful impact of pornography. I wanted to learn why he believes in the power of culture, brand experience, and human connection, what he does to create it, and how it’s helped him thrive. All…over tacos. It really doesn’t get much better than this!


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Taco Stop #12: El Mexiquense, American Fork, UT

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